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Business process Outsourcing (Non-Voice)

Managing daily activities to help run your business needs Manpower. It cannot be a one-man show. Starting from creating your lead database, updating the information in your CRM, collecting information about businesses or personnel, maintaining your website, and whatnot.

Outsourcing i.e Offshoring to India, is the best and most economical way to do it, without compromising on the Quality and Turnaround time.

Data Protection and Confidentiality is the key to any business. Raysoft adheres to strict Data Security measures. We restrict the access to only the authorized personnel. Data asset and information safeguarding is done to enforce Data Protection.

We reduce process time and bring efficient results by automating & semi-automating the process. Automation increases productivity and lessens the cost involved.

What do we offer?
Our dedicated expertise and best customer experience.
With an office in Chennai, we provide a single point of contact for clients looking for smart and practical solutions to their project needs.

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